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Care Package Ideas for Sick Friend

When you're trying to figure out what care package ideas for a sick friend are going to strike the right chord, the same old ones might come to mind. Maybe a "get well" floral arrangement or a pair of cozy pajamas. Those are nice, but they have truly become the standard care package idea for a sick friend and can end up feeling impersonal and generic – the exact opposite of what you intended!

One of the simplest ways to make someone who's sick feel comforted is by making them feel warm and cozy. A hot beverage and an inviting heat wrap slung around their neck or shoulders to ease pains will help them relax.

We've paired just those items together to create our "Send Warm Comfort" gift package. It’s a unique care package idea for a sick friend – and can be used for people in many different circumstances. When we were creating it, we kept saying that we wanted the recipient to feel like they'd been sent a warm hug through the mail!

And that's just what happened to our customer, Noreen, from Monterey, California. She shared her experience with receiving our "Warm Comfort" package from a friend in New York:

"After having a mastectomy at the end of January, I was slowly recovering at home when I received a package from your company that contained a hummingbird mug and a heat wrap.

I was so relieved that I had not received another pair of pajamas that buttoned down the front. (At that point I had gotten three pairs from thoughtful friends!)

The quality gift was beautifully and carefully packaged, and a personalized note was enclosed. Everything about the gift from my dear friend made me feel loved. I wanted to express my appreciation and my thanks for your good thinking."

-- Noreen, Monterey, California

We are so happy to hear this! We always push ourselves to come up with thoughtful gift ideas that aren’t the standard ones and will really make people feel loved. "Send Warm Comfort" is a great gift idea for anyone who’s not feeling well.

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