Living in Life’s Most “Difficult Time”

When we were creating our business idea, one of our driving concepts was connection. We challenged ourselves to create ways that people can connect and support someone when they are struggling, often times when they can’t physically be there. We imagined scenarios like your best friend who lives across the country getting a cancer diagnosis, and you can’t help her by jumping in on the MealTrain or babysitting her kids. Or a scenario in which your close colleague’s father passes away and you can’t attend the funeral because you’re not in the same state.

What can you do then? How can you show support? We knew people would want an alternative to sending flowers or food during those times – we came up with inspirational, symbolic, tangible ways to do that in a meaningful way with our gift packages.


Beyond Flowers and Food

Our tagline is “Thoughtful gifts for life’s difficult times.” If what we’re going through right now with the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t the definition of a “difficult time,” we don’t know what is. We never imagined a world like the one we’re living in right now. A time in which everyone would be isolating and no one could support a loved one in need through helping them in a physical way – even if it’s your own mother or father or best friend or next door neighbor.

So it’s no longer the fringe scenario … the person who lives across the country from their sick friend or the colleague who lives out of state. It is literally everyone.

And if we can help fill that gap of connection and support through our gift packages right now by offering gifts of comfort and uplift, we’re honored to do so. We are still here to help.