Why Wonder Woman Socks Are That Special Something in a Cancer Gift Package

When we started this business, our goal was to give people alternative gift ideas to send to friends going through tough times.  As we say in our company name, we wanted stuff that went beyond the token floral bouquet or tired fruit basket. We wanted options that felt more relevant to the recipient and showed them that you truly understand the space they’re in.

We really challenged ourselves to fulfill this mission with every package. One of the packages that this really rings true in is 'Send to a Cancer Warrior'.

There are five items in this package that all serve to ease the life of someone going through treatment. First, a fleece throw that is soft, just the right size and has a cheery pattern. Next, a lip balm because we know that dehydration can be a factor for Cancer patients (this balm is made with goat's milk so it's super gentle). Third, a set of strength stones that are grouped specifically to emphasize healing. Fourth, a tumbler with a straw, because we know that sometimes a Cancer patient doesn't have the energy to eat or even sit up to drink.

Cancer Care Package

And our fifth and final item … a pair of Wonder Woman socks for a dose of extra courage on those hard days. We have gotten a lot of anecdotal feedback on this one, but recently a woman bravely battling Ovarian cancer who received this package sent us photos of her rocking the socks at her chemo treatment. Yes!!! We are so inspired by her fight and so happy that we could help her feel a little stronger and a little fiercer and a little more supported. Rocking her superhero socks to her chemo treatment ... you go, Jen!

Jen is documenting her experiences with ovarian cancer on Instagram @jennifergaram so please follow along in her fight!

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