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What Do you Send After Someone Dies? Send Some Light to Remember

When you burn a candle for a loved one, you’re remembering them and honoring their life. A candle is also a symbol of the human spirit, symbolizing that darkness can be brought into light. Our “Send Some Light to Remember” package will also remind your grieving friend that you are there to support them through this dark, difficult time. Full product description:Liam Lantern from Design Ideas: The playful contrast between shiny copper-coated wire and clean, clear glass creates the perfect vessel for soft glowing candlelight. Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 6.1 x 14 in. Pillar Candle from Design Ideas: Design Ideas candles are made of the highest-quality, unscented, clean-burning wax. Each of our pillars is packaged in an acetate tube with...

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What Do you Send After Someone Dies? Send Symbolism to a Grieving Family

Our "Send to a Grieving Family" gift package is a beautifully symbolic way to support a friend going through loss. Full product details:Tiffany Style Purple Pansy Panel from River of Goods: Handcrafted from 167 pieces of handcut stained glass and soldered together using the copper foil method made famous by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s. Thirteen bright, round cabochons brilliantly filter the light to add shine and radiance. A piece so full of color and life - perfect for any room of your home! Glass panels can be displayed on an interior wall or window. 12" x 12". << BUY THIS PACKAGE NOW >>

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What Do You Send After Someone Dies? Send Something Spiritual

Our "Send Something Spiritual” package features Mala beads that have the right healing and energy properties to support someone who is grieving. Full product description:8mm Jade (dark) Mala Beads from Sakura Designs: Made of deep dark green Jade beads, with Tiger’s Eye and silver markers. Jade is credited with five qualities: clarity, courage, justice, wisdom, and modesty. It is folklored to evoke tranquility, so much so that even holding Jade in your hand may cause a feeling of serenity or wisdom. Tiger’s Eye is folklored as a power stone and has powerful spiritual uses. Finished with an adjustable knot and Jade adornments. Handmade with care by meditators in the USA and Bali. Comes in a Silk Mala Bag. << BUY...

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