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Staying Together While We’re Apart

We are based in New York – both of us living within 17 miles of Manhattan, which everyone knows is the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States. At least it is currently.We are on lockdown and staying as far away from each other as we can. If you knew our family, you would understand that this is actually super challenging. We’re the “celebrate every birthday with a get together” kind of people. The “come over for Sunday dinner” sort. And the “grandpa attends all sporting events and school plays” kind of crew. So not being able to casually see each other whenever we want has been hard. Of course, this is a minor sacrifice to make compared...

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Living in Life’s Most “Difficult Time”

When we were creating our business idea, one of our driving concepts was connection. We challenged ourselves to create ways that people can connect and support someone when they are struggling, often times when they can’t physically be there. We imagined scenarios like your best friend who lives across the country getting a cancer diagnosis, and you can’t help her by jumping in on the MealTrain or babysitting her kids. Or a scenario in which your close colleague’s father passes away and you can’t attend the funeral because you’re not in the same state. What can you do then? How can you show support? We knew people would want an alternative to sending flowers or food during those times –...

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"Collective Grief" During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The lockdown rules and imposed isolation in New York is such a challenging—and unusual—reality. While we deal with this pandemic, and all the fear and uncertainty that comes with it, we want nothing more than to connect with the people we care about. But the one thing we can’t do is be around each other. It’s the opposite, actually. So we all unite in our separation. We isolate to save each other. But there is no comfort in being separated during this extremely frightening crisis. This epidemic is depriving us of that most basic expression of support in the face of loss: physical presence. The Harvard Business Review recently published an article about what we’re going through with this pandemic...

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Unique Sympathy Gift Idea

Grief is a very personal journey. No two people do it the same. But everyone who’s gone through it knows that it can be, at times, extremely painful and overwhelming.During those times, leaning into your faith can help give you the strength to keep pushing through your grief. Our "Send a Symbol of Faith" is meant to be a visual reminder of that faith.Full Product DetailsGlass cross from Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio: This 5-inch glass cross makes your window a cathedral window. It has a small loop in the top making it easy to hang and it comes individually boxed and ready to gift. In the gift box is a printed saying, “Faith is the light that guides you...

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Angel Ornaments

Angel ornaments are a thoughtful addition to anyone's Christmas tree. But an angel ornament is especially meaningful if it's there as a reminder of a loved one who has died. When a loved one passes away, you want to feel like they are still close to you.  Even though they’re not visible, you have a strong desire to feel their presence. Angels are mentioned in the Bible, but even if you’re not a person of faith, angels are widely thought of as symbols of that space between heaven and earth. An angel ornament is the perfect gesture to support a grieving friend - it's a symbolically simple, beautiful and tangible reminder of hope and faith.  The holidays can be an especially...

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