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What to Send Instead of Flowers or Food

Our mission at Beyond Flowers and Food is to offer unique and thoughtful gift packages for life’s toughest times. We (Beth and Katie, sisters and co-founders) came up with this idea after losing our mom suddenly and unexpectedly to cancer a few years ago. In the days and weeks that followed her death, we were inundated with flowers and catered food. And while we so appreciated the gestures and felt so touched by the support, we felt badly when the flowers died and the food went uneaten.In the years that followed, we found ourselves in this same predicament many times, where we wanted to support a friend or family member that is struggling but there were no gifting solutions out...

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Beyond Flowers and Food Was a "Hero of the Day"

Being named a “Hero of the Day” by Good Day New York on Fox5 in New York City is quite an honor, since there are so many people and companies doing extraordinary things right now. They selected us because we donated our "Send to Thank a Frontline Hero" packages to some of the ICU nurses at a local hospital in one of the hardest-hit areas of New York. (Read more about why nurses hold a special meaning for us and how the drop went.) But all of the accolades deserve to go to the hero nurses on the frontlines. Keep up the good work! 

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Thanking Our Local Hospital Heroes

This week is National Nurses Week, and to thank some of these brave men and women, we donated 25 of our “Send to Thank a Frontline Hero” packages to a local hospital.  We delivered them this morning to the ICU nurses at a hospital in the hardest-hit area of Westchester County, which is where we live.    Our mother was a nurse and we know firsthand what a special breed they are.  Compassion, strength, intelligence, kindness and courage seem to be their universal traits.  This Coronavirus pandemic have forced these nurses to risk their lives to protect the lives of others.  They are “heroes” in its truest definition.  So we wanted to do something to give them a boost …...

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Items to Put in a Gift Basket for Mom

Mother's Day is always a bittersweet celebration for us.  We lost our mom to cancer in 2012, and having to pause and be thankful for the blessing of a mother when she is not here is quite painful.  But on the other hand, we ourselves are mothers to six amazing kids between us, so taking a moment of celebration for the beauty of that is definitely a happy and necessary event.  At Beyond Flowers and Food, all of our gift packages are hand picked by us with the recipients' needs at the center of our selections.  We're highlighting two of our favorite gift ideas for mom below, but you can find our complete list of Mother's Day Gift Ideas in our Uplifting...

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Staying Together While We’re Apart

We are based in New York – both of us living within 17 miles of Manhattan, which everyone knows is the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States. At least it is currently.We are on lockdown and staying as far away from each other as we can. If you knew our family, you would understand that this is actually super challenging. We’re the “celebrate every birthday with a get together” kind of people. The “come over for Sunday dinner” sort. And the “grandpa attends all sporting events and school plays” kind of crew. So not being able to casually see each other whenever we want has been hard. Of course, this is a minor sacrifice to make compared...

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