Send Lovebirds
Send Lovebirds
Send Lovebirds

Send Lovebirds

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Send a thoughtful gift to someone who lost their spouse.

When a spouse or life partner passes away, it is a very painful loss to endure.

What do you send to someone who is struggling through this kind of grief, particularly now that it has been complicated by the pandemic (many of the grieving support, traditions, rituals and shared experiences were unable to take place)?

The symbolism behind love birds is a beautiful image.

Love birds are little African parrots that are always seen in pairs. They have been observed sitting together all day long, and hopping and playing closely to each other.

These wire birds are meant to be a visual reminder of companionship, partnership and love. Each bird in the pair complements the other but is a unique design, representative of a couple.

Complete contents of package:
Antique wire bird set: wrapped by hand by artisans in India, these wire birds will look adorable on any shelf or side table

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Gift Packaging:
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