Send a Spiral Suncatcher
Send a Spiral Suncatcher
Send a Spiral Suncatcher

Send a Spiral Suncatcher

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Send to comfort a grieving friend.

This delicate, hand-blown glass spiral suncatcher is meant to be a visual reminder of a loved one lost.  Place it in a window or outside in a garden and the spiral will gently spin and twist in the breeze, appearing to climb its own string. 

A spiral is associated with cycles and is a beautiful reference to life and death.  It has no beginning and no end, but rather a journey and a process, just like life and death. 

When the spiral catches the sunlight, the warm colors burst through, bringing a bit of comfort and peace during this difficult time.

Complete contents of package:
Spiral Suncatcher: Each spiral is carefully hand-crafted out of glass, making each piece unique in color and shape.  The colors will radiate in the sunlight to bring solace and peacefulness.

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