Send to a Frontline Hero (Male)
Send to a Frontline Hero (Male)
Send to a Frontline Hero (Male)
Send to a Frontline Hero (Male)

Send to a Frontline Hero (Male)

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Send to someone who is braving the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, doctors, nurses, police, firemen, grocery store employees and other frontline workers are risking their lives to protect the lives of others.

They are “heroes” in its truest definition. What they encounter in a daily shift is emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausting. These men and women are away from their families for long and demanding shifts.

Rally around these courageous people by sending them something to make them smile and feel motivated.

Complete contents of package:
SuperMan Crew Socks: a whimsical way to remind him that he’s tough and strong

"You're Awesome" Pop-Open Cards: never fail to make their day with this box of 30 cards, each with a different inspiring quote (keep them going for the next month!)

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