Send a Symbol of Faith
Send a Symbol of Faith
Send a Symbol of Faith
Send a Symbol of Faith
Send a Symbol of Faith

Send a Symbol of Faith

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Send to a friend who is struggling with loss.

Grief is a very personal journey. No two people do it the same. But everyone who’s gone through it knows that it can be, at times, extremely painful and overwhelming.

During those times, leaning into your faith can help give you the strength to keep pushing through your grief.

Our "Send a Symbol of Faith" is meant to be a visual reminder of that hope and strength. The cross suncatcher is packaged in a clear box and is placed over a saying:
"Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness." 

In ceremonial usage, when someone makes a sign of the cross, they are making a profession of faith, or saying a prayer or dedication. Our hope is that this delicate cross hanging in a friend’s home will remind them to take a moment for quiet reflection, to tune into their faith or to just think about their loved one.

When the darkness of grief descends, faith can be the hope and that light that gets you through.

Complete contents of package:
Cross Suncatcher: when they place this 5-inch hand-blown glass cross in a window in their home, the warm colors that burst through will bring comfort (so delicate and beautifully symbolic!)

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Gift Packaging:
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