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Send Coziness
Send Coziness
Send Coziness

Send Coziness

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Send a thoughtful gift to let someone know you're thinking of them.

One of the hardest things about the Coronavirus pandemic is that we can’t all be together in the ways that we normally do – especially around the holidays.

Connect with the people you can’t see this year with this cute and cozy package.

Featuring the comfiest slipper socks that are made for lounging all day and a weighted heart "Love" stone this package says, "I love you, I miss you and I'm sending you a warm hug."

Fortify and comfort your friends and loved ones with this cozy and cute pick-me-up gift!

Complete contents of package:
Cozy Slipper Socks: with an extra-fluffy Sherpa lining and grips on the bottom, these socks will help them feel relaxed (the softness and cuteness factor on these is off the charts!)

"Love" heart: a sweet, carved inspirational message that they can put on their nightstand, carry with them, or simply hold from time to time to feel your love (and a great weight too)

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Gift Packaging:
When you send a gift from Beyond Flowers and Food, it is always beautifully gift boxed - complete with a personalized note from you.