Send a Holiday Ornament
Send a Holiday Ornament
Send a Holiday Ornament

Send a Holiday Ornament

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Send a thoughtful gift to someone celebrating Christmas without a loved one.

The holidays can magnify the sadness you feel after a death, whether it's a recent loss or many years later.

To support a loved one who is celebrating Christmas without a loved one, we have created this “Send an Angel Ornament” package. Angels are symbolic and can be interpreted in many different ways – but they are often thought of as liaisons between heaven and earth.

This ornament is a sweet way to remind someone that their loved one is still close and looking out for them, like an angel from above. When they place this ornament on the tree, they will be reminded of the person who passed away, as well as your friendship and support of them during their grief journey.

Complete contents of package:
Angel ornament: when someone adds this to their tree, they will have a pretty, symbolic reminder of the loved one they lost

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Gift Packaging:
When you send a gift from Beyond Flowers and Food, it is always beautifully gift boxed - complete with a personalized note from you.