Send a Tree of Life Candle
Send a Tree of Life Candle
Send a Tree of Life Candle

Send a Tree of Life Candle

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Send a thoughtful gift to someone who has lost a loved one.

The “Tree of Life” symbol represents different things to different people. Cultures and religions interpret it in different ways, but there are certain aspects of its significance that really resonate with us.

First and foremost, the Tree of Life is a symbol of stability and strength. It is also a symbol of growth, which only happens as the result of slow, patient investment. A tree begins as a vulnerable sapling but ends as a sturdy tree, which is similar to many people’s experience with grieving.

The only way to get through grief is to go through it, and you start in the most vulnerable place but end up realizing that by surviving someone you love’s death, you can be strong and resilient.

The Tree of Life also represents how everything is interconnected, and there is a spiritual aspect that although we are rooted in Earth, we are reaching for the divine world.

Complete contents of package:
Tree of Life candle: this beautiful candle invokes a sense of strength, peace and relaxation. It comes with an electronic tea light candle, which lights it to perfectly display the tree structure (calm and peaceful, quietly giving and nourishing)

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Gift Packaging:
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