Send Positivity
Send Positivity
Send Positivity

Send Positivity

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Send a thoughtful gift to someone who needs an outlook of optimism.

Send a symbolic gift of positivity and optimism with these white birch lanterns.

Birch is symbolic of beginnings, renewal and starting over. A candle is a symbol of the human spirit, reminding us that darkness can be brought into light.

When they display these in their home, the positive thoughts and mentality embodied in the soft and pretty lanterns will set the tone for brighter days ahead.

Complete contents of package:
Birch lanterns with LED candles: light glows warmly through the intricate patterns of this handmade lantern. The distressed birch pattern comes in white (a color associated with goodness and successful beginnings). LED candles included!

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Gift Packaging:
When you send a gift from Beyond Flowers and Food, it is always beautifully gift boxed - complete with a personalized note from you.