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Send a thoughtful gift of hope and warmth.

After the difficult year that 2020 was, send a candle as a reminder that even though we had challenges, the human spirit endures, and darkness will always be brought into light.

Candles are symbolic and offer messages of security, warmth, hope and spirituality. They comfort and ultimately connect because no matter how thick the darkness, the light of one candle will always conquer it.

Adding the warmth of a candle to someone's home will offer both a physical reminder of your support – and of their strength.

Complete contents of package:
Hexagon lantern: this pretty six-sided lantern in black is a visually interesting and sophisticated addition to any home (flameless LED candle included!)

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Gift Packaging:
When you send a gift from Beond Flowers and Food, it is always beautifully gift boxed - complete with a personalized note from you.