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Send a thoughtful gift to someone who is grieving.

When someone passes away, there is no sympathy gift you can give that will take away the pain. But there are thoughtful ways you can show your support.

Giving the gift of a candle after a loss is symbolic. When you burn a candle for a loved one, you’re remembering them and honoring their life. A candle is also a symbol of the human spirit, reminding us that darkness can be brought into light.

This candle can be lit on a holiday, on their loved one’s birthday, on the anniversary of their loved one’s death, or any other time that they want to feel close to the one they lost.

Complete contents of package:

Hexagon lantern: this pretty six-sided lantern in black is a visually interesting and sophisticated addition to any home (flameless LED candle included!)

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Gift Packaging:
When you send a gift from Beyond Flowers and Food, it is always beautifully gift boxed - complete with a personalized note from you.