Send Whispers in the Wind
Send Whispers in the Wind
Send Whispers in the Wind

Send Whispers in the Wind

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Send to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one.

Wind chimes are the perfect gesture for someone who is going through a death in their family. Every time they feel a breeze and hear the soft bell of the chimes ring, they'll be reminded that their loved one isn't far away – and neither are you with your love and support.

These simple chimes unfold already intact (so completely hassle-free with absolutely no work to assemble) and have a sweet bell at the bottom.

In a wide range of cultures, birds are symbolically connected with death – some people even believe birds embody spirits of the dead – so the bird on these wind chimes are another reminder that death is not the end.

Complete contents of package:
Copper wind chimes: the soft tones of these understated yet stylish chimes will warm up any backyard or outdoor space

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