Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Husband

It can be so difficult to determine what sympathy gift to send for the loss of a husband -- and a father.  It's an impossibly difficult situation, especially when the children are young. 

We created many of the gift packages in our Grief Gifts category to be universal, meaning they can be sent to a variety of recipients and still feel appropriate. 

Our Send a Guardian Angel is one of our most popular because it's a visual representation of the sentiment many people want to convey when a loved one passes - that even though they are not here with you in person anymore, they are still close ... like a guardian angel looking out from above. It can be especially supportive when there are children processing the loss as well, since angels are symbolic and can be used to help explain the very difficult and overwhelming topic of death to children.

sympathy gifts for loss of husband


Our customer, Colleen, from Rockland County, New York, shares this beautifully personal feedback about when she purchased it as a sympathy gift for a friend who lost her husband. This kind of feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to source and look for new sympathy gift ideas, and we thought some of you might find it helpful too as you consider what to send to a friend after the loss of her husband: 

"A dear friend of mine lost her husband suddenly.  I know this was a profound loss not only for my friend but for her 2 young children. The months following his death I searched for the right words to comfort her and it never felt like enough. She was the type of friend that always brought a smile to my face and I wanted to find away to do the same for her.

I know grief can feel very lonely sometimes and when Father’s Day was coming up, I wanted her to know that not only was I there for her but they had an angel in Heaven looking down on them.

I found the perfect gift at Beyond Flowers and Food. It was a sweet, beautifully made angel statue. It was perfect to send to her and her children to let them know not only that I loved them but their guardian angel will always be watching over them.

With the quick, free shipping it got there in time for Father’s Day. My friend texted me to let me know she immediately rearranged her shelving unit to find her a home and thanked me for the lovely note that I personally wrote to her and her children.  

sympathy gifts for loss of husband

My whole experience with Beyond Flowers and Food was great. They even proofread my note to make sure there was no spelling or grammatical errors!  Thank you ladies for helping me find a unique way to show my love and support to my friend!"

--Colleen, Rockland County, New York

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