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Unique Sympathy Gift Idea

Grief is a very personal journey. No two people do it the same. But everyone who’s gone through it knows that it can be, at times, extremely painful and overwhelming.

During those times, leaning into your faith can help give you the strength to keep pushing through your grief. Our "Send a Symbol of Faith" is meant to be a visual reminder of that faith.

Full Product Details
Glass cross from Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio: This 5-inch glass cross makes your window a cathedral window. It has a small loop in the top making it easy to hang and it comes individually boxed and ready to gift. In the gift box is a printed saying, “Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness.” It also comes with a 24-inch piece of thin twine for hanging (though you can hang it with another material like ribbon or fishing wire if you prefer). Each is hand-blown in our studio and one of a kind.