Send a Lasting Memory
Send a Lasting Memory
Send a Lasting Memory

Send a Lasting Memory

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Send a thoughtful gift to someone who is grieving.

Photos can be a helpful way for families to remember their lost loved ones. Pictures conjure up memories of time spent together and the happy emotions that went with them – and they can bring comfort and closeness to someone who is grieving.

This hand-printed “Carn” frame has a soothing blue ombre pattern to bring subtle attention to an important photo. In the Irish language Carn is the word for mountain. Mountains are a symbol of nearness of God, as they surpass ordinary humanity and extend toward the sky and the heavens.

The design of the mountain peaks in the frame, symbolic of where heaven and earth touch, is noticeable but not overpowering and would serve as a pretty backdrop to any photograph.

Complete contents of package:
Hand-printed frame: it holds a 4x6 photo and has a delicate design (which is printed on linen, giving so much depth to the frame)

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Gift Packaging:
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